Our Story

single use plastic

After discovering that the personal care industry in the UK is responsible for more than 3 billion single-use plastic bottles discarded every year** (Enough to fill Wembley stadium to the top of its arc!) We attempted to switch to a plastic free brand, however we were unable to find one that delivered the quality we wanted.  This led to our mission to create a range of quality, natural products that stand up or surpass the premium brands we loved, but in the most earth friendly way possible and just as importantly without any single use plastic.

our journey

Our journey towards this goal led us to our Master Perfumer, Richard, surrounded by shelves of ingredients in his apothecary garden near Glastonbury.
Richard's alignment with our vision was clear from the start. His dedication to sustainability resonated deeply. His commitment to formulations driven fundamentally by high quality natural, ethically sourced ingredients, as well as his small batch manufacturing facility’s reliance on 100% renewable energy sealed the deal, giving birth to Chalk Stream.

Chalk Stream embodies a blend of luxury and environmental consciousness, providing a superior product experience while minimising our ecological footprint.

our pledge

We will minimise our impact on the environment by.

Being single use plastic free.

Pumps will unfortunately contain plastic however are not single use. - We hope to develop a plastic free pump, but it turns out this is rather difficult!

Use 100% renewable energy whenever possible.

Make sure every decision we make minimises our impact on the planet before any other consideration.

Minimise our packaging, product is delivered in food safe compostable pouches that can be put into your garden waste and will break down completely in 32 weeks or less in a home compost heap. The outer wallet is made from FSC certified craft board and can be shredded and put into your compost to feed the worms, or of course recycled kerbside. Printed with vegetable inks in the UK by our FSC & World Land Trust certified printers.

Use organic, natural vegan ingredients to produce the very best products that work brilliantly.

All products are formulated without harmful sulphates, parabens, or silicones.

We support working with suppliers who are known and trusted and can qualify their ethical trading with fairtrade standards where possible. Our Master Perfumer has first-hand relationships with growers and producers.

We choose ingredients cultivated & harvested using traditional, sustainable methods where possible.

No animal testing, ever.

** Source: The Big Plastic Count.