About Chalk Streams & Watercress

Chalk streams

Chalk Streams are extremely rare, with just over 200 in the world, one of them runs close to our office. They start at springs in chalk landscapes, just like the Chiltern Hills which overlook us here at Chalk Stream towers. It is because of this they are extremely clear, pollution free and full of minerals making them perfect habitat for growing watercress as well as a whole host of wildlife. Chalk streams are renowned for their clear water, and like the chalk streams of the Chilterns, our products are also full of natural ingredients and essential oils.


Chalk Stream


We think watercress is a little bit special, known for its highly nutritive value, these leafy greens are packed with Vitamins C, A, and K, as well as a powerful arsenal of antioxidants including beta carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein. Watercress is often used in purifying and detoxifying formulations. Gently moisturizing, Watercress Extract feeds the skin to promote soft texture and supple bounce. Cleansing and hydrating, watercress extract gives a revitalising boost to hair for a fresh look and a soft touch. All Chalk Stream products contain watercress that is grown organically in the clear waters of chalk streams in Wiltshire, England.

our pledge

We want to keep our chalk stream and all natural habitats clean and free from litter, especially plastics which as we all know are terrible for the environment, by choosing Chalk Stream you will be helping to reduce the number of single use plastic bottles that are discarded every year.